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Mastering requires critical listening, the kind of ear that can hear when the 3rd piccolo player in the Spoleto Festival Orchestra Finale concert is hitting the notes perfectly or is just slightly sharp. The critical ear of Duda Lucena, owner of Borboleta Audio Mastering, was discovered and nurtured early on in his life by his parents. As a child, Duda spent nearly every afternoon listening to the rehearsals of the Symphonic Orchestra of Pernambuco at the Teatro Santa Isabel where his mother worked. On the weekends, his father taught him the fundamentals of audio while he was running live television and audio broadcasting.

Duda furthered these skills with classical guitar training and arrangement from the distinguished Music Conservatory of Pernambuco and CIGAM, a school based upon the Berklee College of Music in Rio de Janeiro. As a professional musician, he is an experienced and highly respected Latin jazz vocalist and musician who has played internationally with musicians from around the globe. Duda shares his music nationally with his fans playing songs from theDuda Lucena Quartet Live” (2011) CD, which has made a chart topping impact on the Jazzweek Radio and CMJ Jazz Charts, and been featured on XM/Sirus satellite radio and in retail outlets across the nation. Check out Duda’s music website at

While producing his own albums and sharing them with his musical family, he discovered that his friends needed his critical ear to finish their own CDs. And so, his professional mastering career began by working with clients from Brazil to America. Living in Charleston, SC it became apparent to him through various conversations with friends to recording studios that there was a need for his services. Borboleta Audio Mastering was born with the mission to help fellow artists achieve their goals of taking their music to the next level.

Using his gift to "listen" critically, expertise of the mastering process, and 30 years of musical experience and training, Duda optimizes audio recordings for musicians far and wide ................... turning Songs into Sound Experiences.
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